For Lieutenant Danny Newton, World War II is about to get upfront and personal. In late-1944, the long war in Europe is drawing to a close, but the Nazis are still fighting back. When Hitler orders a desperate secret mission, the allies know it must be stopped at all costs.

Britain’s secret code-breaking center at Bletchley Park uncovers evidence of a plan to extend the war. Der Fuhrer orders U-Boat Commander Kapitanleutnant Otto Schultze to lead a secret mission delivering a clandestine cargo where U-Boats fear to venture.

The Royal Navy needs to stop the enemy cold. The fateful task falls to Lieutenant Danny Newton, a gifted young officer in command of the submarine HMS Vanquish. Newton sees an opportunity to do what all naval commands, including his own, consider impossible.

As before in history, it comes down to two men: Newton and Schultze. They square up in the cold, unforgiving depths of the Norwegian Sea. Only one man will see his home again.

Take your place onboard HMS Vanquish and help Newton thwart Hitler’s last plan.