Ex Machina meets 2001: A Space Odyssey.

He’s an astronaut from the Republic of Antarctica; she’s a young Swiss woman killed in an accident. On a cold, faraway world they are about to make discoveries that could change humanity…

A marvel of genetic engineering: Maya is now a human/artificial intelligence hybrid, her cerebral cortex infused into her circuitry. But she struggles to reconcile who she was with what she is now.

After crossing the void of space, Maya and Te Ariki take an exploration walk on a cold, faraway world. With the help of scientists at CERN, they uncover revelations about human origins from deep in the mists of time, fusing past, present and future. Will they handle the shock of first contact with aliens?

Maya and Te Ariki are a space exploration team, nothing more, until life makes the simple complex. Will Maya find an answer to her own dilemma? Will she and Te Ariki discover the truth about humanity at last? Perhaps the truth is inside us all, and death isn’t really the end.

If you’ve ever wondered about our origins and evolution, our place in the universe, or ever looked up into the night sky in awe, come for a walk on a cold, faraway world.