One woman’s descent into hell. She’d never be the same again.

In a Soviet Gulag designed to break its inmates, Sofia, an innocent girl, is imprisoned.

A Gulag corrective labour camp is hell; inmates are worked cold to the brink of starvation. Many die from beatings. There’s rape, psychological abuse and dystopian horror. Sofia wants to rebel but she doesn’t want to endanger her new friends. Yet the spirit of defiance burns strongly inside her.

When payback time comes, payback will be hell. They’ve picked the wrong woman: the rebel.

Sofia’s opponents in the KGB come to realise it’s a fight to the death; it’ll be her or the Gulag. She’ll need to draw on hidden strengths and stoop to the lowest depths if she’s to prevail. The system is gunning for Sofia. Will she survive?

Even heroes need allies. Take a stand alongside Sofia and discover your inner rebel. Together, you can break the system forever.