The United States Navy has designed the most powerful and silent diesel-electric submarine to ever patrol the deeps: the USS Stonewall Jackson. It would require a cunning warrior of the seas to command such a boat, and the USN has chosen its best young submariner: Commander Nathan Blake. He’ll need to employ stealth and guile to seek out the foe.

This digital boxset is an omnibus edition containing the first, second and third thrillers of the USS Stonewall Jackson series, plus bonus book HMS Holy Ghost.

USS Stonewall Jackson: North Korea has perfected a ballistic nuclear submarine capable of lying way off the Californian coast and raining down nuclear terror on the USA. Enough is enough. USS Stonewall Jackson is given the task of tracking down the enemy. But will Nathan find that the Korean People’s Navy has a trick up its sleeve?

The Spratly Incident: The South China Sea’s islands and reefs are in dispute, sitting over vast oil and gas wealth. The People’s Republic of China is taking possession of these and turning them into sea fortresses. It’s time for the USS Stonewall Jackson to intervene. Follow Nathan and his crew as they take on the might of the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

The Black Sea Horde: The Russian Black Sea Fleet is intent on flooding into the Mediterranean to face the US Sixth Fleet. USS New York City is the tripwire and first line of defense. For her Weapons Officer, young Lieutenant Commander Nathan Blake, it’s the patrol from hell. Stand with Nathan onboard the USS New York City as he faces the Black Sea Horde.

HMS Holy Ghost: Captain Luke MacArthur has his orders: hunt down two of the quietest submarines in the world. They were the deadly weapon of the Soviet Union in the Cold War: the Kilo Class, known as the Black Hole for a good reason. Iran intends to use these submarines to choke off the Gulf oil supply. Join the crew of HMS Holy Ghost and help Luke to hunt down the Black Hole.

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