What was a girl like me doing skiing through the Siberian forest? ‘I’m a botanist; it’s just a field trip.’ That’s what I told myself… at first.

I’m Ellen; having lived in Alaska, I thought I could handle the winter forest. But I was wrong. In Siberia, there are ancient paranormal forces at work, and the shaman are revered here for a reason.

Then I met someone deep inside the forest. She’s a mother; she has a daughter, sort of. Now I’m her daughter too. I don’t know what she saw in me, but I’m just glad she adopted me.

Mother has a way about her; she’s vast, pure, primordial and mysterious. I’ve learnt secrets aeons old from her, and I couldn’t resist the power. And now I know that, beautiful though it is, evil stalks the white forest.

Not all supernatural forces are evil, and together we’ll make a stand. Join Ellen for the struggle against evil in the pristine Siberian forest.