The United States Navy has designed the most powerful and silent diesel-electric submarine to ever patrol the deeps: the USS Stonewall Jackson. It would require a cunning warrior of the seas to command such a boat, and the USN has chosen its best young submariner: Commander Nathan Blake. He’ll need to employ stealth and guile to seek out the foe.

This digital boxset is the second omnibus edition containing the fourth, fifth and sixth thrillers of the USS Stonewall Jackson series.

The Iranian Blockade: Armageddon looms as Iran and North Korea sign a deal for the joint development of nuclear weapons. As the oil price tumbles, the Iranian nuclear submarine Genie is released. The call goes out to the Commander of the one submarine who can slay the Genie. Bring forth the champion, the man, Commander Nathan Blake. His sword of vengeance is the USS Stonewall Jackson.

The Tiger and the Dragon: The Taiwanese Tiger and the Chinese Dragon are squaring up at last. For years there have been tensions between the two countries; China wants unification but many in Taiwan prefer independence. The US has sworn to defend Taiwan, and now billions of lives are threatened in a nuclear exchange between America and its trade partner and foe across the Pacific, China. You’ve been called up. You will serve on board the USS Stonewall Jackson and go along with May Hsin (an officer in Taiwan’s National Security Bureau) into the backstreets of Shanghai.

Ninety Degrees North: Hunted on the Arctic icecap by the Russian military, a Danish scientist has information that the US can’t afford them to obtain. He must be rescued. For Commander Nathan Blake, the mission becomes a struggle to prevent one foreign power from dominating the Arctic’s trade and 22% of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas. Two-hundred-and-twenty years of naval history weigh heavily as the US Navy takes on the might of the Russian Northern Fleet in the blackness under the icecap.

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