On a mission to a desolate world they face a terror aeons old.

Stuart had never imagined himself in such an isolated but beautiful place. But on this lonely planet, he meets her. As well as something else unexpected…

She hadn’t volunteered, but she was selected for Mars exploration so many years ago. She’d never had a choice. Can she and Stuart handle the unexpected, forbidden torture they find within each other?

Their ally is an eccentric genius: an artificial-intelligence, foul-mouthed, surfing-obsessed Hindu. Together, they make first contact with an alien. The creature climbed out of its pit to hunt them; their only option is to confront it deep below.

Can they vanquish this ancient threat to humanity? Will they survive?

If you like Arthur C Clark and Greg Bear, you’ll love this book. Join us now; you know it’s forbidden. It’ll be joy or pain… or both.