MI6 wants the Indian Defence Minister taken out to avert nuclear war. Marty Lynch is the man for the mission. But how do you recruit an IRA assassin?

Years ago, when Marty was an IRA commander, his friend was captured on a mission. His fate was to rot in a foreign jail. Now, on the teeming streets of Delhi, his released friend, one of his crack Active Service Unit members, has been captured by the VKF, a violent extremist faction surrounding the Minister. But MI6 tells Marty to ignore the distraction of his kidnapped friend and get on with his brief to kill the Minister.

With London and San Francisco hours away from nuclear holocaust, Marty wrestles with a clash of cultures to defeat the VKF and take out the Minister. Can he avert a nuclear war and rescue his friend? Or will he face an impossible choice?

Fans of Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne and John Milton, there’s a new man in town. Dare you join Marty Lynch as he battles to get his man?