North Korea has perfected a ballistic nuclear submarine, positioned far from the Californian coast but capable of raining down terror on Seattle, San Francisco, LA and San Diego. Enough is enough. It’s time to take out this threat and take apart North Korea’s People’s Navy one boat at a time.

They say cometh the hour, cometh the man. Cometh the foe, cometh the submarine.

In exercises against allied diesel-electric boats, the United States Navy watched and learned. Its answer? The most powerful and silent diesel-electric boat ever to patrol the deeps: the USS Stonewall Jackson.

It would require a cunning warrior of the seas to command such a boat. The USN has chosen its best young submariner: Commander Nathan Blake. He’ll need to employ stealth and guile to seek out the foe.

The USS Stonewall Jackson is on her way; she’s mean and mad as hell. But will Nathan find that the Korean People’s Navy has a trick up its sleeve? Follow Nathan and the USS Stonewall Jackson into hell and damnation.

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