Anger ate away at his soul. Years ago, his brother joined the People’s Liberation Army and he’d joined the Navy. Then, at a battle in Siberia, the Russians had killed his brother; he hadn’t been able to protect him. They have land and resources aplenty, but the Russians always wanted more. They’d stolen China’s birthright as the leading power on Earth. For Lieutenant Tao Yu, now it’s time to get even.

Something is afoot at the Hainan Island Naval Base, China’s nuclear ballistic submarine facility. Dark and mysterious events are stirring.

Somebody needs to enter the Dragon’s lair to investigate. Who will take on the mission? Tom Hilton, a Royal Marine, and Irina Petrenko, a Soviet naval officer. They’d pose as naval officers assisting the People’s Liberation Army Navy with undersea warfare.

Their journey leads them to deceit, torture, and pursuit through the deadly snowy forests of Siberia, until they reach some of the deepest waters on Earth.

The KGB and British and Russian Special Forces are drawn in when they learn what Tom and Irina have uncovered. At stake is a nightmare for millions: nuclear war.

Tom and Irina are back, and in life’s cruel game of chance they need to throw a six. Will they or the Dragon prevail? Follow them now, into Deception Abyss.